Hiring Heavy Construction Equipment: Tips, Ideas and Money-Saving AdviceHiring Heavy Construction Equipment: Tips, Ideas and Money-Saving Advice

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Hiring Heavy Construction Equipment: Tips, Ideas and Money-Saving Advice

After years in the construction industry, I went on hiatus last year to start my own company doing interior painting. But I decided to take my experience from construction work and start a blog. I hope that if you are hiring construction equipment, my posts provide you with the guidance you need. I love writing and hope that passion shows in these posts. When I'm not writing on this blog, I like to design kites and work on model railroads, and I just started dabbling with watercolours on canvas.


Physical Inspection Considerations for Mini Excavator Hire

The compact excavator is a popular piece of equipment in diverse industrial applications. They can be used for different tasks such as digging, loading, levelling and grading the ground and for boring and estate maintenance work. There are assorted mini excavators in the market in terms of brand, operation power, energy efficiency and rental price. Therefore, you should be vigilant when choosing the ideal mini excavator for your developments or estate improvement plans. Read More 

Loading and securing a heavy load safely for heavy hauling

Heavy haulage transport is a branch of transportation many companies uses to move heavy building equipment, vehicles, and specialised items that are impossible to dissemble. Heavy haulage transport is a demanding branch of transportation, and the most important issue to consider when doing it safely is to make sure the load is appropriately fastened to the vehicle. Considering the way you're positioning and fastening your load can spare your vehicle of unnecessary strain, keep you safe, and also keep other users of the road safe while you're driving. Read More 

Performing regular inspection of your hydraulic systems

Repairing a hydraulic system can be a very difficult task depending on the state of the damage. If your system has become contaminated, for example, you might need to dissemble the whole system piece by piece and replace all vital components to keep it functional. However, to avoid having to deal with expensive and time consuming repairs on your hydraulic system, you should make sure to inspect the system regularly. To keep the machines at your workplace operational and in peak condition, you should make sure some procedures take place to make sure the hydraulic systems are working as they should. Read More 

Advice on how to safely operate a forklift during a home construction project

If you are considering a forklift hire for a home construction project and you do not have much experience operating one effectively, there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration. As with any piece of heavy machinery, there are many things that can go wrong and cause great damage to the user, people who are nearby, and the project that you are working on. It is always advised that you undergo a safety course before you rent out these types of machinery. Read More 

Important Considerations When Choosing a Tower Crane

Tower cranes a common feature in urban construction sites where civil engineers and architects are building one massive skyscraper after another. As a construction project engineer, you will be required to contact a crane hire company like Williams Crane Hire and choose the right tower crane for your project. Here are a few things you need to consider when making that choice. Weight and radius of heaviest lifts and farthest picks Read More