Hiring Heavy Construction Equipment: Tips, Ideas and Money-Saving AdviceHiring Heavy Construction Equipment: Tips, Ideas and Money-Saving Advice

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Hiring Heavy Construction Equipment: Tips, Ideas and Money-Saving Advice

After years in the construction industry, I went on hiatus last year to start my own company doing interior painting. But I decided to take my experience from construction work and start a blog. I hope that if you are hiring construction equipment, my posts provide you with the guidance you need. I love writing and hope that passion shows in these posts. When I'm not writing on this blog, I like to design kites and work on model railroads, and I just started dabbling with watercolours on canvas.


Check Out These Three Important Tips for Ensuring Safe Crane Rental

Planning to hire a crane for an upcoming job? Cranes are one of the popular types of heavy machines available for lifting and lowering heavy loads -- but they can pose a significant threat to the safety of those involved in working with or around the equipment if an accident occurs on the job. Before hiring a crane, you should think about safety. Here are some tips for ensuring crane safety on the job: Read More 

Construction Equipment Tips: Three Essential Precautions for Using a Crane Truck

Crane trucks are ideal for use in construction work because of their configuration. The truck body makes it convenient to haul the crane to different places. In simple terms, it will be easy to transport the crane to the construction area, and the equipment can be moved around the worksite. Also, it is convenient to handle other loads on the truck in addition to the crane. However, like other construction machines, crane trucks pose some danger when used incorrectly. Read More 

3 Essential Safety Precautions in Steel Erection Projects

Growth in the Australian construction industry has led to increased competition among construction contractors. Every construction firm wants a piece of the cake. Due to the structural strength of steel, most developers use it as part of their building materials. However, developers only work with construction contractors that observe safety guidelines prescribed by the Australian Steel Institute. It entails taking certain precautions when erecting steel structures. This article provides safety pointers when working with steel erection equipment. Read More