Hiring Heavy Construction Equipment: Tips, Ideas and Money-Saving AdviceHiring Heavy Construction Equipment: Tips, Ideas and Money-Saving Advice

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Hiring Heavy Construction Equipment: Tips, Ideas and Money-Saving Advice

After years in the construction industry, I went on hiatus last year to start my own company doing interior painting. But I decided to take my experience from construction work and start a blog. I hope that if you are hiring construction equipment, my posts provide you with the guidance you need. I love writing and hope that passion shows in these posts. When I'm not writing on this blog, I like to design kites and work on model railroads, and I just started dabbling with watercolours on canvas.


4 Faults to Avoid When Operating an Order Picker

Successful order picker operators learn to detect and react to situations that can pose a safety hazard to them and those around them. This article discusses some of the faults or issues that order picker operators are taught to guard against:

No Safety Induction

You should never start operating an order picker in a new workplace without undergoing a safety induction. That safety induction helps you to know the areas where you can or cannot operate the order picker. You also learn what steps you should take when an accident occurs. The order picker training introduces you to the safe work practices of that company that you are going to work for. Commencing work without this safety induction, therefore, increases your chance of getting involved in accidents due to your lack of familiarity with the operating environment.

Incorrect Hydraulic Operation

It is never a good idea to operate the hydraulics of the order picker when the order picker is in motion. Accidents can easily happen when you do that. For example, you may be so distracted while you raise or lower the platform that you will crash into shelving or a wall. Secondly, raising or lowering the platform can lead to order picker instability. The order picker may, therefore, tip over.

Keeping Very Close to Other Pickers

Another fault that order picker operators should avoid is moving very close to other order pickers. Collisions are more likely because the limited distance will reduce how much time you have to react to any abrupt situation that arises. Ample following distance, such as the length of about three order pickers, should be maintained.

Not Removing Keys

It is very dangerous to dismount from the order picker without removing its keys. Several risks can occur. For instance, an untrained person may cause an accident after trying to operate that order picker whose keys were not removed. Secondly, the equipment may start moving spontaneously in case the controls were left in the travel position. It is, therefore, important for you to park the order picker correctly before you remove the keys and dismount.

Order picker training covers many more faults that one needs to guard against during his or her work as an order picker. You should ensure that you undergo comprehensive order picker training so that you are equipped with all the knowledge and the skills that you will need to be a competent operator in the different environments where you will be working